Let Sex Be Thy Medicine

Practical tools for intelligent lovers
19 Feb 2016
20:30 - 22:30
Play Room

Let Sex Be Thy Medicine

Let Sex be thy Medicine

In this playful workshop¬†Tamra will take you deep into your sexual self so you can connect with that intimate part of yourself that will allow for mental, emotional, physical and energetic healings. She’ll introduce the ladies to the Jade Egg practise – which she affectionately calls Yoga for the Vagina – an ancient practice designed to heal the vaginal canal of numbness and sickness, while awakening it to the pleasures of multiple G-spot, and full body cervical orgasms. The men will learn how exercises like Penis Pull-Ups will help them live a longer, healthier and more satisfying life and give them the control to move energy through the body so they can experience profound ecstasy during orgasm. This workshop will be full of inspiring and insightful content that will leave you to with some delicious tools to play with at home.





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