Extraordinary Life

Exploring our Divine Human Potential
19 Feb 2016
Main Auditorium

Extraordinary Life

Extraordinary Life / Exploring our Divine Human Potential

An experiential presentation from ISTA founder, Baba Dez.

With intent and awareness we arrive in a place of wholeness where we embrace, appreciate, and celebrate life force energy fully and completely.  We can live free of limiting beliefs, judgments, telepathic agreements, and addicted life experiences. On the Spiritual/Sexual Shamanic path, everything in life becomes a meditation and a prayer. We learn to feel, live, flow and let go into the oneness that is Divine Love.  When we are able to honour, trust, communicate, improve our skills as a lover, and focus our mind and body in the appropriate ways, a whole new world of possibilities opens up.

Greater understanding, deeper compassion, power, bliss, ecstasy, fuller life experiences and better health are all available.

Baba Dez loves to serve and support in this process of total integration. “There is no substitute for divine presence.”





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