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How the Session Indicator Bars work

Colours and Indicator Bars – What They Mean


Sessions with a high rating here will be focussed on topics such as tantra, kink, sexuality, sexual diversity, shadow play, polarity and much more. This is where the realms of the lower chakras will be explored. 


Love and Relating. Sessions with a high rating here will explore the realms of relationship, heart connection, intimacy between 2 or more people, conscious relating, polyamorous relating and relationship diversity. The heart-centred chakra work. 


Topics covered here will include meditation, transformative tantra, sacred arts and divine practices aimed at elevating one’s conscious state to higher realms… and more. A high rating here is aimed at work that speaks to the higher chakras. 


This indicator bar gives you the chance to decide if you’re up for the level of the material being delivered. Some sessions will be aimed at an introductory level, and others will be aimed at more experienced practitioners. Choose your level… have fun!

Session Sliders / Indicator Bars

When you see these bars, they are meant to give you an indication as to the degree each topic will be covered in the presentation, and also the degree of challenge. Some of the material is aimed at those who are new to these subjects, (low challenge) and other presentations will be aimed at those who are more comfortable with the subject matter (higher challenge).
Feel free to self select accordingly. Everyone is welcome to all sessions.





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