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Application Guidelines for Presenters

Byron Bay Event

The conference will be held again in the centrally located Byron Community Centre over Friday, Saturday and Sunday and feature 3 streams and 2 evening events (a panel discussion on relationship choices featuring representatives of different relationship styles followed by a cuddle party, and a conscious tantric dance workshop followed by the ‘My free sensual self’ dance party).


The Vision

The vision for this upcoming conference is to bring in a large community of different types of people that are interested to receive quality education and information about sex, spirituality and relationships. Key words we will use in the advertising will be around vitality, rediscovering our connection with the divine, healing relationships, relationship and sexual communication skills, redefining orgasm, and rediscovering our free natural sexual loving self.

The Mission

The mission is to bring love and healing back into our communities through quality education and heart touching experiences. We are planning to have 17 longer workshops spaces of 2.25 hr length and 17 presentations of 1 hr length including several presentations by the youth forum for the youth. The workshop or presentation spaces can either cater for 40, 80 or 250 people.


What we need from you is a description of your area of expertise and what you would love to share with the world. We are looking for quality education, experiential presentations and interactive workshops that makes the soul long for more. This will be the perfect opportunity to showcase your work with a receptive audience. The topics could be anything here are a few examples:
  • Healthy Masculine
  • New Relationship Paradigms/Models
  • Sex and communication
  • Same Sex Sexuality
  • Emotional Release Techniques
  • Activating Presence and Intimacy
  • Masculine & Feminine Polarities
  • Cultivating Sexual Energy
  • Sacred Anatomy
  • Multi-Orgasmic Man
  • Sexual Healing
  • Sexual Dysfunction
  • Dance/Movement
  • Sacred Sexuality for our Youth
  • Parenting Sexual Active Teenagers
  • Healing Relationships
  • Teaching Sexuality
  • Creating a Safe Container
  • Professional Ethics for Sexual Healers
  • Slow Sex
  • Female Sexuality/women’s circles
  • workshops for couples
  • Orgasm/ redefining orgasm
  • What about love?
  • Traditional Tantra
  • Sound in Sexual Healing
  • Sexual Abuse & Trauma
  • Sexual Addiction
  • Tantric Yoga
  • Singles- sign of our time?
  • Tantric Kink/Shadow Tantra
  • Working with Emotions

Ready To Apply?

You can submit one or more applications if you have multiple ideas of topics you would like to present. Please note we do need keynote speakers that are comfortable to present in front of 200 plus people.

It is our intention to continue building this into a world class event with the best presenters active today. Since we already have more applications than available places, we will be selecting presenters based on several criteria:

1. Quality of Content
2. Uniqueness of Material
3. Ability to Cross Promote
4. Ability to Engage our Community
5. Willingness to Participate all Weekend

If you cannot make it to our event or we can’t offer you a spot next year but are interested in presenting in any other upcoming events then please still submit an application so we can keep you on file. We are planning for example an intimate Tantra Camp in a beautiful resort in the Byron Hinterlands in the future that only offers longer workshops so please submit what ignites your passion and fire so we can offer you some incredible spaces to share your gift with the world in the future.



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What We Offer

Supporting Our Presenters

As our way of supporting this work and making it accessible for Presenters to be able to deliver their material, we are offering a full weekend pass for each Presenter, as well as an additional full weekend pass for their partner or assistant.
We also have a referral system whereby we will pay you a set amount for anyone who mentions your name when they purchase their ticket. 
Support with finding accommodation may also be offered based on requirements and availability.