The movement of energy. Work that deals with the first and second Chakras. Intimacy with the body, self and others. 

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The fabric of connection. Work that involves the third, fourth and fifth Chakras. Intimacy with others.

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Knowing the self. Working with the sixth and seventh Chakras. Intimacy with Self and the Divine. 

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Festival Outline

Friday 19 Feb 2016

Opening Session followed by 3 group sessions

Saturday 20 Feb 2016

A full day of amazing sessions from 9AM to midnight

Sunday 21 Feb 2016

Another full day of more sessions, going deeper into the work, culminating with a closing ceremony up to 10.30PM


Australia's Most Easterly Point!
Byron Bay Community Centre
Byron Bay Community Centre, Byron Bay, NSW, Australia

Byron Bay is easy to find. Check the Accommodation page for full details.

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ISTA Training SSSEX Levels 1 - 2 - 3

Level 1 – 2 – 3 ISTA Trainings (SSSEX) will be held directly after the festival starting 22 Feb 2016. Website coming soon. For further information you can click to visit their website, or contact Marion through our Contact from.
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